ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company Technical Training Center

Houston, TX

Project Description

A significant expansion of a 1950-era campus, the upstream research and training facility has been designed to ensure compatibility with the existing buildings on the campus, with similar exterior materials of brick, glass and stone panels and an emphasis on horizontal treatment of the building features. Located in an area that has become a major commercial zone yet continues to border an established residential area, locational context served as inspiration for the delineation of the façade and the curved entry wall as well as the textures and patterns. The portion of the new building that is adjacent to the older one is the most similar in language, and as the building moves away from that junction, it becomes progressively more innovative. The façade steps forward toward the street in a series of layers, from limestone, glass and brick to a canted curved metal panel.

The two-story building includes a grand lobby and gallery, classrooms in a variety of sizes and types, two large areas for breakout sessions, support spaces and office space for the curriculum development staff. In addition, the project has structured parking for approximately 458 cars adjacent to the training facility. The training experience is enhanced with top-quality audio-visual training aides and by providing connectivity to up-to-date technology at each participant training station. The building also contains a computer visualization classroom utilizing large projection screens that can be configured in any way from a single plane to the sides of a cube.