Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences

Houston, TX

Project Description

The new advanced Forensic Center for Harris County is being constructed on a 3.2-acre site on the campus of the Texas Medical Center (TMC) in Houston, Texas, across from the existing Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences building.

The Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences offers two distinct forensic services for the Harris County community: the Medical Examiner Service and the Crime Laboratory Service. The comprehensive planning process for the Forensic Center, which will house both services, began in 2007 and incorporated experts from business, medical, laboratory and scientific fields. The resulting design culminates in an integrated use of space flowing seamlessly between clinical, laboratory, administrative, public and teaching/training areas. Consideration was also given to the exterior design of the Forensic Center to ensure that it complements the aesthetics of neighboring institutions located on the TMC campus.