United AirIines Data Center

Confidential Location, US

Project Description

The continued growth of United Airlines resulted in the need for additional data center capacity. The new facility meets current Uptime Institute’s Tier IV, Concurrently Maintainable, standards as well as the company's requirements. Page worked closely with various corporate departments within the company, including Information Technology, Corporate Real Estate and Procurement, which leads the development and management of their data center infrastructure to support business needs.

Phase 1 of the 308,000-square-foot project includes 25,000 square feet of white space in a 180,000-square-foot building. This initial phase includes United Airlines' backup Emergency Operations Center (EOC) in which they will control their entire worldwide operations in the event that the main OPS Center is down. The EOC contains conference rooms, 50 workstations for various user groups which are focused on a video wall and a control room overlook for supervision.

The data center was designed to achieve energy savings of approximately 50 percent above the required efficiency standards with state-of-the-art economizer systems for cooling critical electrical rooms and air-handling units, an energy recovery make-up air handling unit for ventilation, high efficiency condensing boilers for heating and high efficiency lamps for lighting. The site is protected with K4 rated fencing, security monitoring, force protection and EF-4 hardening. Phase 1 was designed to be a 4 MW IT load for Day One fit-up with a 12 MW total facility load at full build out.