The Ruby Hotel

, Alexa Management

Austin, TX

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hotel sign
hotel sign

Located on the banks of Brushy Creek, the Ruby Hotel revives an existing mid-century house and sets two new buildings on the creek-side site. The renovated house includes a full-service cocktail bar, a conference area and ample gathering spaces that spill out onto a new deck equal to the size of the house. The outdoor spaces overlook the pool, grounds and the creek, providing a beautiful view of the Central Texas landscape and creek, nestled beneath the branches of the native live oak trees.

The two new, two story buildings contain 39 rooms, whose art and objects personalize each space and read as pieces from Ruby’s extensive collection. The new buildings are connected by a breezeway, protecting guests from the elements while keeping the grounds open and accessible. The interior finishes are done in jewel tones inspired by the mid-century era, creating a feeling of elegance and timelessness in each carefully cultivated space. The original house finishes spill over into the reception area, drawing guests into the era of Ruby from the moment they enter the hotel.

Building Facts

  • 2.9 acres
  • 25,000 SF
  • 39 keys