Design Exchange

When curiosity meets capability, we uncover possibilities. As storytellers, visualizers, fabricators, and building scientists, we are a community of designers embedded into the creative process to pursue meaningful work and elevate design. Mixing traditional craft with leading-edge technology, we dig into design challenges, pushing our practice and pioneering new approaches.

building sciences

Building Sciences

Page approaches sustainable and regenerative design through the interdisciplinary lens of building science to create higher-performing, healthier, more resilient buildings. Grounded in our client’s priorities, we engage a truly integrated process through our “Design for Impact” framework.

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Great storytelling is compelling. It can build bridges, give voice, evoke empathy, foster identity, offer instruction, ignite memories, and bring us joy! Experience Children’s Hospital of New Orleans through the eyes of a child.

design technology lab

Design Technology Lab

At the intersection of software and hardware, our Design Tech lab is taking VR, AR, AI, and Computation Design to the next level, offering our teams and clients new ways to create, visualize, study, and, most importantly, experience their projects.



By cultivating a studio maker culture centered around craft, Page uses fabrication to help inform the design process by prototyping, providing proof of concept, and testing materials. We can provide internal teams, contractors, and clients physical models and mockups at multiple scales.