We celebrate the guest and traveler through our memorable destination, urban resort, boutique hotel, restaurant, and club designs, and create inspired and elevated places that capture the senses and offer authentic, transcendent experiences from arrival to departure.

As a studio within our full service firm, we combine expertise in planning, operational efficiencies, and sustainability with design and delivery. We have worked with national brands, along with public and private investors in launching their projects.

We partner with our clients, developing feasibility studies and documentation that illustrate the strengths of a facility for permitting entities, historic review boards, and potential partners. Our projects have won numerous awards for urban design, architecture, and interior design as well as construction quality.

Creating Memorable Experiences

As the world rethinks leisure as an ideology on how we live, work, play, stay and engage one another, our team is a thought leader in the creation of design that expands the possibilities as an experience, as a community builder and as a business venture. Page recognizes that concepts initiated in hospitality design have become influential across multiple market sectors and integrates these ideas and strategies to create compelling stories and user experiences across our projects’ components.

Behind the Name

The story of “The Ruby” began with a letter found in a scrapbook in the closet of the derelict home. It was addressed to “Dearest Ruby,” and spawned the idea of a sophisticated "life well lived" in a small town in Central Texas that became the narrative for the boutique hotel.

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Ruby Hotel

Dearest Ruby

The Ruby Hotel & Bar tells a story. Its namesake, a native of Round Rock born sometime in the 1920s, lived a rich and abundant life. She is the spirit of the hotel that bears her name, an avatar created by Page’s team that took inspiration from an old letter found in the existing home on the site.

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Wendy Dunnam Tita

Chief Practice Officer, Commercial & Mixed-Use Sector Leader

Darrell Long

Design Director

Brandon Townsend

Regional Commercial / Mixed-Use Director

Josh Coleman

Design Director

Talmadge Smith

Design Director

Brian Gabbard

Lead Interior Designer

Jessii Lee

Senior Designer

Kaitlin Jones

Market Sector Manager - Commercial / Mixed-Use