Science / Technology

Thinking Beyond the Bench​

What's your thing? Nanofabrication, planetary science, or biomedical engineering? Or is it unraveling the mysteries of nature, from the fundamental laws of physics to the intricate workings of the human brain? ​

Whatever your thing, we're interested in the relentless pursuit of knowledge. Let’s explore how data-driven solutions and rigorous design thinking can shape everything from transdisciplinary research to high-containment facilities. How can we help you push the boundaries of what's known, tackle society's biggest challenges, and empower your purpose? ​

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Balancing Design and Cost

In highly competitive markets, real estate assets need to consider location, amenities, personalized service, and “cool factor.” The design must be affordable, inspire innovation, support healing, and facilitate learning. We invite the exploration of creative, distinctive solutions that are founded on an understanding of project goals.

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Speed to Market

We understand the need to listen carefully and respond quickly. We test ideas and present creative design solutions supported by reliable cost estimates, risk mitigation plans, and a realistic delivery timeline. Concept designs are developed efficiently in real-time collaboration with you through 3D virtual design tools.

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Alternative Delivery Methods

We are experienced in delivering projects via different forms of owner/designer/contractor/developer partnerships. In addition to CM-at-Risk and Design-Bid-Build, we have completed more than 200 projects using Design Build, Integrated Project Delivery (IPD), P3, and other teaming procurement methods.

The team’s ability to listen and translate our requirements into a building that is innovative, adaptable, sustainable, and most importantly flexible, was nothing short of remarkable.

Jeremy Munn Program Director, Northeastern University


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Science / Technology Market Sector Leader

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Science / Technology Market Sector Leader

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Science / Technology Director

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Technical Director

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Science / Technology Director

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Science / Technology Director

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Project Director

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Science / Technology Director