Brookhaven National Lab

, U.S. Department of Energy

Upton, NY

Brookhaven exterior
Lab and adjacent write-up space, open office
Laser lab
Research lab
Existing Lobby
Renovated Lobby
Existing auditorium
Renovated auditorium

Originally dedicated to nuclear physics, Brookhaven's mission has expanded to fields including neuroscience, structural biology, and materials science. We modernized two research laboratory floors in critical 1960s facilities – Building 510 (Physics) and Building 555 (Chemistry) – to accommodate rapidly changing technologies and research protocols. In Building 555, we updated laboratory spaces, overcoming infrastructure quality issues to create state-of-the-art flexible and efficient facilities for chemical and material sciences.

The project upgraded 100,000 GSF and included life safety plans, infrastructure, and laboratory ventilation to significantly reduce energy consumption and accommodate future laboratory renovations and fit-outs.

Building Facts

  • 100,000 GSF modernization
  • Biology
  • Physics