Planning / Urban Design

As planners and urban designers, we are dedicated to supporting the ongoing evolution of cities, regions, campuses, and neighborhoods, encouraging appropriate development and redevelopment that is suited to the site conditions, character, and purpose.


Creating Resilient Communities

Integrating resilience principles in our plans helps insulate institutions and communities from risk and ensures their ongoing health. With resilience as the driver, we create sustainable, flexible, and efficient plans that serve as living laboratories and model responsible development.

master plan

Place-based Strategies for Urban Districts

By focusing on the unique traits of a given district, our plans work at the intersection of physical opportunity and end-user benefit to generate strategies rooted in place. We strive for solutions that are implementable to ensure ultimate client and community success.

UNT Dallas is a Minority Serving institution with a narrow yet deep focus – 78% of students live within southern Dallas County. The master plan calibrates the growth of the campus to the needs of the university’s diverse students and responds to the poor health outcomes that characterize southern Dallas relative to the region.

Jury Comments SCUP National Campus Planning Awards, 2022


Elizabeth Foster

Managing Director - San Francisco, Director of Campus Planning

Ryan Losch

Lead Urban Designer

Dana Dixon

Academic Director

Philip Perlin

Operations Director - San Francisco, Senior Campus Planner