Civic / Community / Culture

Visionary Thinking Empowering Communities

Rooted in local relationships and places and attuned to your diverse needs, we deliver proven expertise and visionary thinking to empower communities.​

Fostering the Arts Community

Spaces that support the arts and culture require distinctive environmental, acoustic, and technological design solutions to embrace the creative and audience experience. Page’s designs help our clients cultivate a memorable visitor experience inspired by the local or regional community.

Creating Civic Destinations

Page has designed public spaces since the 1900’s, dedicated to supporting the ongoing evolution of our urban areas through civic destinations. Our designs encourage urban connectivity, involving the appropriate development and redevelopment suited to the particular conditions and character of each place.

Libraries: Designed for the Community

Libraries are transforming to fulfill their community’s unique needs. While you still borrow and read books here, modern libraries are experimenting with new services – makerspaces for sewing and embroidery to family services and education programs. At Page, we design innovative, functional envelopes for libraries that resonate with their community.

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Wendy Heger

Civic / Community / Culture Market Sector Leader

Tiffany Yewens

Market Sector Manager - Civic/Community/Culture

Ryan Losch

Lead Urban Designer

Carla Fraser

Experiential Graphics Design Director

Robert V. Perry

Managing Director - Washington DC

Ginny Chilton

Senior Project Manager

Jamie Flatt

Planning / Strategies / Analytics Director

Jonas Risen

Lead Design Architect