Branding / Experiential Graphic Design

We create strong and authentic brand experiences that tell our clients’ stories and articulate their mission. Extending our promise to print, digital, and the built environment, Page delivers effective and elegant solutions.

Central library

Towering Experience

A towering exterior digital experience is the crowning gem of Central Library's redesigned public plaza.

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Color & Typography Deliver the Message

How do you capture energy and provide structure for a new identity in a diverse, cutting-edge, far-reaching design school that is getting a new name to honor a major benefactor? We found color and simple typography to provide the punch for University of Pennsylvania Weitzman School of Design.

The Restoration of A Historic Park

When a non-profit conservancy undertook the restoration of an historic city park, we designed experiential graphic elements to identify spaces, recognize donors, inform visitors, and honor the beauty of the environment. We united all these uses in a beautiful system for Pease Park, helping to ensure its future.


Carla Fraser

Experiential Graphics Design Director

Phuong Nguyen

Lead Experiential Graphics Designer