From hospitals and laboratories to embassies, office buildings, and courthouses, our portfolio encompasses the broad spectrum of building types required by the complex, day-to-day business of governance and diplomacy.

Taipei consulate

Top Government AE Firm

Page is ranked the #1 Federal Government Architecture and AE Firm by Building Design + Construction

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Modernization in Government

To breathe new life into existing structures, deep knowledge is required to address issues and constraints presented by older, historic structures. We take a comprehensive approach that transforms the relevance and performance of buildings, unlocking their potential to serve in ways their original designers never imagined.

Modernization at Page


Thomas McCarthy

Chief Executive Officer

Jonathan Sylvie

Chief Revenue Officer

Karl Stumpf

Government Market Sector Leader

Kim Metzinger

Market Sector Manager - Government

Chris Caillier

Project Director

Stephen Bell

Business Development Director

Tim Hutcheson

Project Director

Karen Cruickshanks

Revenue Operations Director