Page combines Interior Architecture and Design, Furnishings Services and Art Consulting to create a fully integrated approach to interior spaces. Our designers create experiences and tell stories with volume, light, materials, color, and details. We deliver tuned and crafted spaces aligned with aspirations of the client and the markets they serve.

View into a blue themed breakout space with blue carpet, ceiling, and walls. A blue vinyl and wood bench is along the right wall with some small tables. Yellow chairs with footrests are positioned along the left wall. In the background are more tables and chairs.

Designing for Mind, Body, and Spirit

Interior design is not limited to functional and aesthetic drivers. Studies show that surroundings influence moods, mental health, and physical comfort. We design interiors to create healthy, welcoming, and comfortable spaces that encourage productivity and positivity, and generate economic benefits.

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Small booth meeting pods with red fabric and wood accents.

Influencing Perception of Spaces

Culture can derive influence from many sources, such as historical or geographic or even shared workplace vision. Working with clients, designers can physically express and influence culture using spatial layout, interior architecture, design elements, and materials selection.

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Curved white reception desk welcoming visitors into a bright space with ample daylight. Cream and light blue chairs line a long table in the background.

Designing for Productive Workforces

The success of a business hinges on the collective effort of high-performing individuals. Offices are more than backdrops against which a company’s business plays out. How workspace is configured and appointed influences individual productivity, team dynamics, and ultimately, company performance.

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Jen Bussinger

Interior Design Director

Kris Walsh

Interior Design Director

Linda Rodts

Lead Interior Designer

Marissa Yu

Interior Design Director