Austin Energy Headquarters

, Austin Energy

Austin, TX


The new corporate headquarters for Austin Energy is located in the Mueller development and consists of about 280,000 square feet of office space, including a generous common area on the ground floor dedicated to customer service and staff amenities like a café terrace and patio. The building includes structured parking for about 1,000 vehicles.

This project is not only certified LEED Platinum, it has also received Austin Energy Green Building’s Five Star rating and is targeting WELL v2 Silver Building certification and will serve as a demonstration project for the latest sustainability and energy efficiency strategies. The design team used digital models to evaluate energy conservation options and maximize the efficiency of the building. This process included a whole building life-cycle analysis, which led to the reduction in the depth of the structure and the inclusion of fly ash in the concrete, mitigating the need for cement and offsetting carbon emissions of the building for 15 years. The evaluation also focused on maximizing thermal comfort, enhancing HVAC systems and sourcing raw and green building materials. The project reduced reliance on portable water through various strategies, including connecting to the municipal reclaimed water infrastructure, encouraging expanded use of this important local system.

In addition to efficiency, health and resilience are prompted in the building design. Some of the health- and nature-oriented sustainable features include: natural light and available nature views for workspaces; daylight-responsive controls all work to contribute to lighting power reduction design during daytime hours; easy access to outdoor spaces; fresh outdoor air monitoring to promote occupant comfort and healthy CO2 levels; wellness-focused break and quiet areas with views to the outdoors; indoor finishes that have been prioritized for health and environmental qualities such as low toxicity, regional materials and recycled content. The design also celebrates sustainability and human health by using a central, inviting stair to encourage walking and interaction among occupants. Additionally, a community learning space is programmed with wellness activities. Page collaborated with ELS, who served as the exterior design architect for the project.

Building Facts

  • 280,000 SF
  • 1,000 parking spaces
  • LEED Platinum
  • AEGB 5-Star
  • WELL targeting