Landscape Architecture

Design Rooted in Nature.
Think Environmental, Economic, and Social Impact. As system thinkers, we take a holistic design approach to integrating nature and the built environment, cultivating artful, resilient solutions that add value and nurture equitable communities. 

Enhancing Pedestrian Experiences

Thoughtful placement of promenades and plazas embrace the distinct charm of outdoor spaces while encouraging people to walk, interact, and connect with their surroundings and the waterfront. The Encinal Terminal Master Plan articulates open spaces that generate a sense of community, meticulously crafted to be inclusive, welcoming, and aesthetically pleasing.


Coexisting Campus Design

Carefully planning campuses landscapes support the mission of an institution by guiding growth while preserving and enhancing the needs of the natural environment. Understanding the balance of the built and natural environments, allowing them both to thrive, can create culturally significant, thoughtful design that is resilient and memorable.

Render of SF Bay Coastline

Battery Bluff Park

Battery Bluff Park, located above one of the two Presidio Parkway tunnels, features beautiful overlooks with uninterrupted views of San Francisco Bay. Page created several acres of parklands, which entailed collecting, propagating, and planting over 75,000 native plants that were grown onsite to re-establish sensitive coastal habitats.

Nemours Hospital

The Shape of Spaces: Creating Healing Landscapes

What is nature’s role on healthcare campuses? Research shows physical and visual connections to exterior spaces accelerate patients’ healing process and supports caregivers’ mental and physical wellbeing. Thoughtful integration of outdoor spaces can reduce stress, enhance cognitive function, and offer a unique place of respite.

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Jessica A. Petro

Landscape Architecture Director