Science / Engineering / Discovery

Inspiring one million more science & engineering grads and promoting interdisciplinary thinking is critical to our nation’s future.


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Think what’s possible when you create a facility that enables hands-on learning, optimizes access to resources and equipment, and efficiently accommodates both student projects and sponsored research.

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From Law School to Lab Building

Transformed from a 1970s law school into a vibrant and modern chemistry teaching lab building, the University of South Carolina’s Instructional Chemistry Laboratories are a testament to the power of modernization and reimagination.

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Preserving an Icon

The renovation of the Richards Building is a story about preserving an icon while improving its functionality to serve 21st century research. This building helped set new directions for modern architecture, highlighting Kahn’s design philosophy of served (labs) and servant spaces (central equipment).

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Laura Vargas

Senior Project Manager

Brian Tucker

Senior Academic Planner

Alissa McFarland

Senior Lab Planner