Lab Design / Planning

Page’s lab planning experts are immersed in the requirements of the science and technology discipline. Our lab planners excel at understanding complex projects with multiple stakeholders, from decision-makers who are focused on institutional goals and budgets to end users with detailed criteria for their workspaces.

Interior lab

Purposeful Process

We’ve refined our expertise on complex global projects over two-plus decades, both as part of full-service Page project teams and as consultants. Our advanced programming process is thorough and efficient, utilizing interactive workshop sessions and extensive benchmarking structured around clients’ unique needs.

Baylor College of Medicine can deliver lab projects on budget and on schedule when using Page as our design team. Contractors are able to remove overhead and contingencies when bidding Page-designed projects, resulting in lower construction costs.

Rock D. Morille Vice President of Facilities, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, Texas


Malena Aquino

Science / Technology Director

Alissa McFarland

Senior Lab Planner

David McCullough

Science / Technology Director

Verrick Walker

Science / Technology Director