Fountain Place Residences

, AMLI Residential

Dallas, TX


Working within the 1986 Pei Cobb Freed & Partners master plan, the challenges were to sustainably design a new tower that would engage the site’s original Fountain Place office tower, embrace Dan Kiley’s plaza design, and create an extension of the Arts District community at a residential scale. Fountain Place Residences honors its famous commercial sibling and is defined by unique and distinctive slices, folds and ridges that endow the 45-story, 367-unit tower with an identity of its own.

Comprised of a singular prismatic volume, the project embraces plaza, street and skyline. The podium fulfills the master plan footprint with a transition at level 10 that contains a densely planted roof deck. Outdoor amenities mark the residential floors. The tower is rotated to maximize views and solar orientation, glazing slopes create geometrically unique residential units, and the interior design extends the warm hand of hospitality.

Transforming a former parking lot, the project knits together the south end of the Dallas Art District, honors the original master plan, and creates a pedestrian-friendly experience for residents and all who navigate through this district. On the west and east sides, the exterior skin pulls in at the ground level to allow a shaded colonnade along the busy Field Street and plaza. Commissioned art is integrated into pockets of space, activating exterior spaces both during the day and at night.

Project performance impact was primarily focused on energy, wellbeing and ecology. On energy, the tower performed extremely well compared to peer towers, and even better when compared to luxury high rises. All energy from the facility is offset 100% by certified renewable power purchases, further reducing the project’s environmental footprint. Interior solar shades reduce the interior heat and energy load and provide environmental control and comfort. Source and air quality were driving factors in interior material selection.

Building Facts

  • 598,000 SF
  • 45 Stories
  • 366 Units
  • LEED Gold

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