IT Building

, Austin-Bergstrom International Airport (AUS)

Austin, TX

conference room
conference room
server room

The AUS IT Building expansion provides for much needed growth and increased reliability for mission-critical technology infrastructure required for the airport’s core functions – getting planes in the air and landing them on the ground, safely and efficiently. This project provides security enhancements for ensuring continuous operations and mitigating risks to AUS operations, as well as a first-class facility for the AUS IT staff, to help attract and retain highly-qualified personnel. The new facility quadruples the size of the existing building from 10,000 SF to over 40,000 SF to accommodate the current demand and anticipated growth for the next 20+ years.

The building is organized to respond to these differing levels of protection, splitting the program functions into two separate parts of the building: a very secure “bunker” for the critical communications functions, and a more open, day-lit office building. The communications “bunker” serves as the nerve center of AUS. The internal layout of the Bunker maintains all critical existing functions in their rightful places and puts all new functions into efficient alignment with the existing ones, all the while keeping flexibility for future growth in mind.

All office spaces in the building have ample access to daylight. A generous band of glazing provides excellent views and daylight to the office spaces, without over-lighting the screen-intensive work being done by the IT staff. A series of aluminum sun shades incorporated into the façade reduce glare in the workplace. At the northwest corner, the main break area is positioned adjacent to an outdoor break area, offering direct access to outdoor spaces. Dense plantings surrounding the ground level help also help to screen views of parking, and provide building occupants with a strong connection to nature. These amenities provide welcome respite from work areas, facilitate low-stress environments and help AUS attract and retain high performing staff to operate this critical facility.

Building Facts

  • 40,000 SF