Aerospace Engineering Building Renovation and Expansion

, Confidential Client



This Confidential Aerospace Client’s Engineering Building Renovation project transformed the existing building into a new, state of the art facility. The design for this extensive renovation included the a new office suite for the executive leadership team, a new conference center that will vastly improve meeting capabilities, the complete redevelopment of the kitchen and cafeteria, and an enhanced front entry to the building that helps provide a positive first impression with cutting edge audio-visual technology. The Page-led design team also updated the aging infrastructure of the building, improving the performance of building systems, renovating restrooms, and improving accessibility for the building.

Page has utilized enhanced 3-D modeling and visualization tools to help facilitate interdisciplinary coordination and design reviews with the broad group of project stakeholders and end-users of the new facility. The real-time walkthroughs of the virtual model have helped expedite decision making throughout the design process and have provided a more thorough understanding of the design for the entire project team.

Building Facts

  • 45,000 SF renovation
  • Office space, conference center, kitchen and cafeteria