Manufacturing Facility and Office

, Continental Structural Plastics

Seguin, Texas


Page provided architecture, engineering and project management services for this new 209,653 SF plastics manufacturing facility and office space. The Page was brought on by the contractor Rogers O’Brien to take over design and coordination of the project, providing cohesion and communication between the project team, owner and various subconsultants. The 6,300 SF office provides employees with a cafeteria, shared workstations, conference rooms and private offices. The employee locker rooms connect the office space with the manufacturing floor, allowing a dedicated space for employees to change prior to entering the factory floor or offices.

The manufacturing floor is 185,000 SF, constructed of steel framing with no panels, tilt wall concrete and a concrete slab foundation. The factory has loading docks, manufacturing, a paint shop and connects to an on-site power house which provides all power needed on the site. The manufacturing equipment and process required careful and continuous coordination with the equipment providers, electrical and structural engineers to ensure there was adequate infrastructure to support the manufacturing process. The factory houses multiple Press Pits, depressed subgrade pits that contains the heavy pressing equipment needed to form the plastic shapes. The high bay over the Press Pits reaches 54’ and is rigged with cranes for moving the equipment and pressed plastics around the factory and over to the painting booth. The roof over the remainder of the factory is 34’ high.

The paint kitchen is comprised of complex process piping and chemicals that required a detailed chemical analysis to determine the chemical storage and hazardous occupancy requirements, which Page performed in-house. The paint kitchen required a blow-out roof panel for safety, which will direct a potential explosion upward and outward away from the rest of the factory.

Building Facts

  • 209,653 SF Total
  • 6,300 SF Office Space
  • 185,000 SF Factory Floor
  • Architecture, Engineering, Project Management