Driscoll Children’s Hospital Emergency Department

, Driscoll Children's Hospital

Corpus Christi, TX

Exterior entrance
Interior Lobby
Interior lobby

Driscoll Children’s Hospital modernized and expanded their existing Emergency Department (ED) while maintaining operations during the entire construction process. The project was implemented in three major phases and includes complete replacement of mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems in the affected construction areas.

The ED is located on the existing first floor of the facility and was implemented to increase the number of private treatment rooms, improve work flow, enhance unit visibility and enlarge the family waiting area. Also included within the project scope is a new trauma elevator that connects the emergency department to the second floor radiology and surgery departments and third floor Neonatal ICU.

Phase I set up an interim ED in an existing fast track/care team area of the unit. A temporary ambulance entrance and trauma room were constructed in order to vacate an area for the ED’s expansion. The main hospital drop off drive was also reconfigured.

Phase II includes the building addition and renovation of the main area of the existing emergency department. At completion of this phase, the hospital relocated and consolidated the emergency department services to this area from the interim unit.

Phase III completed renovation work in space initially housing the Phase 1 interim emergency department.

Building Facts

  • 18,739 GSF Renovation
  • 5,465 GSF Expansion of the Emergency Department