North Pavilion Expansion and Renovation

, Driscoll Children’s Hospital

Corpus Christi, TX

Waiting area
nurse station
patient room

Driscoll Children’s Hospital’s largest campus project since 1984, the new Pavilion, is a 5-storey, 180,000 SF, $60MM expansion that is sited on their campus in order to create connectivity from their parking garage to all major buildings and services the institution provides.

North Pavilion

  • 180,000 SF of new construction designed for 3 additional vertical levels
  • 22-Bed Pediatric ICU
  • Outpatient surgery Day Hospital Unit
  • Special Procedures Suite
  • Family Amenities

Perioperative Services

  • Replace and expand PACU
  • Replace and expand PreOp Holding
  • New Surgery Control Station
  • New surgical storage

Garage Expansion

  • Increase capacity of existing garage by 220 parking spaces
  • Added 2 passenger elevators attached to garage to simplify and improve wayfinding

Central Utilities Plant

  • Complete equipment replacement including transformers, chillers, boilers and cooling towers

Wayfinding & Graphics

  • Comprehensive circulation system with unique experiential graphics

Furnishings & Accessories

  • Page interior designers selected and procured furnishings and art for each of the components of this project

Corridor Interior Materials Refurbishment

  • Corridor renovations to facilitate the wayfinding project and reinforce a sense of place between buildings and circulation systems

Building Facts

  • 180,000 SF New
  • 30,000 SF Renovation
  • 220 Space Garage Addition