Medical Tower II and Pedestrian Bridge

, Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital

Albany, GA

treatment area
pedestrian bridge
pedestrian bridge
waiting area
nurses' station

The expansion of the Phoebe Putney Cancer Center in Medical Tower II increases the efficiency of how services are delivered, provides a significant and recognizable building for the patients, and creates a regional data and research center in support of all areas of oncology.

The 170,000-square-foot facility consolidates and expands programs that were dispersed throughout the campus, including space for clinical care, basic research, cancer prevention and control, a hotel for traveling patients and their families, and administrative departments. This center of excellence is in clinical and academic partnership with Duke University, the Georgia Cancer Coalition and the Medical College of Georgia. The Center houses Medical Oncology and education; Women’s Breast Health; oncology physician offices; and 23 hotel guest rooms. The interior design encourages a proactive focus on health and life balance, dissolves the traditional barriers between doctor and patient, and provides access to resources and education for patients and caregivers.

The Centennial truss bridge, made of regionally farmed heavy timber, a low-e glass enclosure and a copper roof, provides a pedestrian bridge connecting Tower II to the parking garage. In a state that is known for covered crossings, this elevated link was the first timber bridge in Albany in 70 years, and is the only timber bridge in the world that spans between two buildings.

Building Facts

  • 170,000 SF