70 Rainey

, Sackman Enterprises Inc.

Austin, TX

Amenity Deck
Entire Deck

Like the city that spawned it, 70 Rainey is a dynamic blend of sophisticated elegance with laid-back informality and warmth. The crisp, finely detailed 34-story residential tower is sheathed predominantly in a glass curtain wall, providing each of the 164 condos with panoramic views of the Colorado River, Austin skyline and Hill Country while reflecting the ever-changing light and color of the big Texas sky. Generous balconies punctuate and enliven each smooth, carefully crafted façade.

As the refined residential floors of the tower merge with Rainey Street below, the building revels in the quirky character of its iconic neighborhood. Upper floors provide a variety of condo units that range from studios to three bedrooms. The building culminates with two-story penthouses. The perfect view orientation of the upper levels looking straight down the length of the river twists back at the base to align with the historic street grid. This structural feat was accomplished through a stealth move that also maximizes parking in the building’s column grid.

Materials like wood, concrete and oxidized steel add a tactile dimension at the pedestrian levels, where porches and terraces encourage direct interaction with the street. Rich gardens on the amenity levels invite that laid-back lifestyle Austin is known for. Also, the suspended planters on the garage façades further link the building directly to the lush adjacent parkland. The building’s base responds to the dynamic street life with a variety of entries to amenity spaces, including bars and restaurants that provide continuity for the culture of the street. The project achieved AEGB 4-Star rating.

Building Facts

  • 330,000 SF
  • 34 Stories
  • 173 Units
  • AEGB 4 Star