North Carolina Heart & Vascular Hospital

, UNC REX Healthcare

Raleigh, NC

UNC Exterior at dusk
UNC Lobby & waiting area
UNC courtyard
UNC Teaching Kitchen
UNC Hybrid OR
UNC Patient room

UNC REX Healthcare built the new Heart & Vascular Hospital to bring the most advanced technology to their community, gather top specialists in one location, and teach others how to lead heart-healthy lives.

Every aspect of UNC REX’s design balances rapid medical response and advanced technology with a calming environment. Upon a patient’s arrival, the high-tech exterior conveys a promise of quality modern healthcare, while the curved form offers a warm welcome. A healing garden, linked paths, and courtyards blend the modern facilities with the serene landscape.

Every second is crucial when the heart is distressed. Lean design allows for efficiency in urgent situations. Two hybrid procedure rooms are specifically designed for the latest minimally invasive procedures and equipped with the most advanced imaging systems. The cath labs operate in the same-hand position in relation to their control room, giving the physician a clear side-view of the patient, optimizing time and performance. Oversized elevators improve case cart turn-around times, making sterile supplies readily available.

Each patient room floor has two nursing units comprising two 10-bed neighborhoods and staff-support spaces, encouraging nurse collaboration as well as minimizing their steps to maximize time spent with patients.

The Conference Center for Innovation and Learning accommodates more than 200 people. It primarily supports academic teaching programs but is used for a variety of events, including nutrition lessons with the executive chef at the demonstration kitchen.

This pioneering facility continues to help UNC REX raise the bar in heart healthcare and education.

Page was Design Architect in collaboration with Associate Architect BBH Design.

Building Facts

  • 8-Story Bed Tower
  • 4-Story D&T Building
  • 48 Procedure Prep and Recovery Beds
  • 114 Private Patient Rooms
  • 114 Licensed Beds – including 72 Step-Down/Telemetry Beds, a 20-Bed Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit, and 22 Acuity Adaptable Beds
  • 306,000 GSF; New Construction
  • 3,480 SF; Renovation For Connection to Existing Hospital
  • Programming, Planning, Design, Construction Documents, and Construction Administration
  • Cardiovascular Services
  • Simulation Lab
  • Inpatient Dialysis Care
  • Pharmacy
  • Conference Center

Kindness, Caring and Compassion

UNC Rex Healthcare is focused on enhancing the patient experience, bringing the best of medical technology, research, and treatment to the community and the state. Five years in the making, the new facility is a point of pride for the physicians, staff, and administration.

The new hospital provides state-of-the-art care with brand new equipment and technology built right into the hospital. It allows for wonderful care, offers quality training for our fellows, and enables us to better work with physicians and clinicians on clinical care and research.

Dr. George A. “Rick” Stouffer, III Chief, Division of Cardiology, UNC Health Care