Army Cyber Institute

, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

West Point, NY

Renovated interior lobby of Spellman Hall
Spellman Hall workspaces
Staff kitchen at Spellman Hall

Built in 1967, Spellman Hall originally served as a dormitory for the former Ladycliff College, which once stood adjacent to the US Military Academy’s West Point campus. When the college closed in 1980, the Academy acquired the property and converted the building into offices. The original dormitory function limited the flexibility of the floorplate for offices, resulting in small, singular offices with minimal shared spaces.

By fully reconfiguring interior partitions, consolidating individual offices to larger open ones, and adding classrooms and conference rooms for collaboration, Page was able to provide the Army Cyber Institute (ACI) with additional square footage to perform their mission while also improving the overall work environment. Part of the solution also included consolidating existing unrelated tenants to allow ACI to occupy contiguous space.

Building Facts

  • 81,855 SF modernization
  • Design-build