Electrical Engineering

Page delivers efficient, effective, and highly reliable systems for complex buildings and campuses. Internationally and across project types, we implement innovative and timely solutions, while being mindful of the biological, ecological, and psychological needs surrounding the built environment.


Illuminating Environments

From interior spaces that evoke warmth and productivity to exterior landscapes that guide pathways, our lighting solutions enhance visibility while boosting moods and elevating ambiances.

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Sustainable Solutions

We craft energy efficient solutions that seamlessly blend with architectural designs, creating integrated elements that harmonize functionality and aesthetics. Let’s propel your project to new heights of sustainability!

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Array of electrical equipment

Reliable Systems

Having Accredited Tier Designers, we know that mission-critical facilities demand impeccable reliability. Dual power feeds, UPS systems, fault tolerant designs, and predictive maintenance form a stalwart defense against downtime, aligning electrical engineering with unwavering operational continuity.


Tom Smith

Electrical Engineering Director

Patrick Markley

Lead Electrical Engineer