Molly Morton

Senior Associate / Brand Planner 512.472.6721

Areas of Expertise

As Brand Planner in the Branding & Graphics studio, Molly helps her clients articulate their unique story and brand promise. She enjoys seeing a project grow from idea to brand identity, and then applied in physical spaces. She believes that spaces and experiences are enriched when they are shaped by a strong brand story.
Molly works closely with clients while also leading the brand team throughout the project to ensure its success. She works across many sectors including housing and hospitality, civic, culture and community, and nonprofit. In her every day work Molly applies her project management experience and journalism and communications background with design strategy and problem solving to bridge the gap between traditional project management and creative direction. Molly likes to think of herself and her team as problem solvers first – with design being their primary tool for problem solving. She is of the mindset that design solutions are successful when they are grounded in purpose. In other words, what is the ‘why’? Clients value her approach, as evidenced by her number of repeat clients.
A few particularly memorable projects for her include branding work for a local public radio station, branding and storytelling graphics for a nonprofit organization that serves public educators, and branding and signage for a high-rise housing community. The common thread in those three greatly different projects is an engaged client who cares about what they do and the people they serve, who values good design, and who just ‘gets it’. Molly is in the profession for the passionate clients, multi-disciplinary design collaboration, and the ability to shape spaces and enrich experiences.