The Good Classroom

January 04, 2024

What can classroom design do to foster student success? From lecture halls to active learning spaces, student collaboration zones, and seminar rooms, Molly Sherman and Charles Kirby explore how these environments empower students to take ownership of their studies and stay actively engaged. 

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Tully Mahoney

With a background in Quantitative Economics, Tully brings a fresh perspective to Page's Storytelling team. She excels in simplifying complex ideas to make the architecture and engineering industry more accessible to a wider audience. As the host of Page’s Podcast, The Good Room, Tully dives into the narratives behind our built world and the minds that shape it. The podcast serves as her platform to help demystify the intricacies of design.


Charles Kirby

Student success is Charles’ passion. Academic Planning and design have given him a seat at the table to work side-by-side with faculty and academic leaders, asking what’s possible?  How can we engage students and allow them to partner with faculty in shaping their learning? How can we cost-effectively deliver these experiences? For 25 years, these questions have been at the heart of Charles’ curiosity to improve Science and Engineering discovery and innovation in teaching and research. 


Molly Sherman

Molly finds that all good design is rooted in problem-solving, and it’s a project’s challenges that bring about the most exciting and innovative design solutions. For more than a decade, Molly has helped create dynamic, complex student spaces, embracing everything from the extensive preservation of historic campus buildings to implementing the Passive House Building Standard and even factory-built modular buildings that were assembled on-site.