The Good Patient Room

February 29, 2024

What's next for healthcare design? On this episode of The Good Room, Joan Albert and SSR’s Zac Hillyard Think What's Possible, exploring how advanced technology — from ambient intelligence and telehealth to artificial intelligence and augmented reality — is revolutionizing healthcare. Tune in to discover the digital transformation of patient rooms and learn about resiliency measures, energy efficiency considerations, and the crucial role of aesthetics in healing environments.

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Tully Mahoney, Storytelling Content Coordinator

With a background in Quantitative Economics, Tully brings a fresh perspective to Page's Storytelling team. She excels in simplifying complex ideas to make the architecture and engineering industry more accessible to a wider audience. As the host of Page’s Podcast, The Good Room, Tully dives into the narratives behind our built world and the minds that shape it. The podcast serves as her platform to help demystify the intricacies of design.

Joan Albert

Joan Albert, Principal and Regional Healthcare Director

Joan is an experienced leader who has led the planning and design of many complex projects, including millions of square feet of healthcare campus master plans and hospital construction. Her diverse project list also includes Medical Schools, FBI Field Office, and socially conscious projects such as Healthcare for the Homeless Houston. Highly skilled in developing innovative and thoughtful design solutions for complicated building programs, Joan uses a comprehensive understanding of the client’s goals and objectives. Her most recent project, labeled “Hospital of the Future,” integrates cutting-edge innovations into both the clinical and public sides of the campus.


Zac Hillyard, Smith Seckman Reid Technology Principal

Zac is a technology principal and innovation thought leader at SSR. He has more than 25 years of experience in the AEC industry, specifically in the planning and design of technology systems for healthcare facilities. Zac’s passion is applying innovation design initiatives and emerging technology research for the advancement of modern facility design and patient care. His work has improved healthcare facility operations and clinical operations workflow, resource demand, and implementation costs for owners across the country.