The Good Courtroom

January 07, 2024

From integrating technology to creating focal points with space and lighting, Matt Chalifoux and John Myers explore the shared spotlight between courtrooms and traditional theatrical spaces. 

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Tully Mahoney

With a background in Quantitative Economics, Tully brings a fresh perspective to Page's Storytelling team. She excels in simplifying complex ideas to make the architecture and engineering industry more accessible to a wider audience. As the host of Page’s Podcast, The Good Room, Tully dives into the narratives behind our built world and the minds that shape it. The podcast serves as her platform to help demystify the intricacies of design.


John Myers

With his feet firmly rooted in historic preservation and government service, John has devoted his career to answering questions that drive solutions in these fields: How can a project retain its essential character while integrating the latest technology? How do we create an artful sense of placemaking and historic context while assuring functionality, safety, and security? And, how does enhanced sustainability and responsiveness to climate change drive our decision-making and project response?


Matthew Chalifoux

Matt believes that every building has value — historical, environmental, economic, and personal. Identifying and quantifying that value becomes a journey of discovery that requires the skills, knowledge, and passion of a diverse team of architects, engineers, conservators, and historians. Matt enjoys being part of and driving that team effort, and he’s focused his career on not just preserving buildings but modernizing them to meet your needs today and in the future. On every project, he’s fascinated by how your building's unique nature becomes the genesis of extraordinary design ideas and fascinating stories.