Wellness Spaces in Design

May 26, 2020

hospital courtyard

Our integrated teams prioritize spaces for and elements of wellness in designing spaces of all types. Working with our clients, we determine appropriate opportunities for respite and rejuvenation, whether it be a garden courtyard at a hospital or a grow wall in a higher education facility.  

COVID-19 has added physical wellness concerns to an already critical balance of mental wellness, therapy, and safety when it comes to designing spaces for the advancement of higher education, healthcare, and behavioral health facilities. Senior Project Director Eric Kern notes, "for a population already sensitive to anxiety and media stimuli, today’s pandemic climate adds new challenges to designing for mental wellness. Social distanced plan layouts, mechanical pressurization, sterilization, and entry screenings are all considerations receiving further scrutiny in many of our projects." 

This Mental Health Awareness Month it is important to recognize the relationship between physical space and wellness. Let's take a look at some of our most notable wellness spaces in our portfolio.