Long Bridge Park Aquatics Fitness Center Wins Project of the Year and Excellence Awards

June 19, 2024

Long Bridge

The Long Bridge Park and Aquatics & Fitness Center in Arlington County, Virginia, received a trifecta of awards from the Design-Build Institute of America’s Mid-Atlantic Project Team Awards program: 

  • Project of the Year
  • Award of Excellence Buildings/Facilities
  • Best in Design Excellence Architecture

We can’t say enough about this fantastic facility that attracts high school and local swim clubs, learn-to-swim programs, military personnel and families, and the community with its competition and leisure pools and fitness center.

Built for sustainability, user enjoyment and satisfaction, functionality, and long-term cost efficiency, our team’s approach included design features such as water-saving technology in the pool filtration system to reduce water consumption by 90% compared to traditional methods – lowering operational costs and conserving vital resources. Focusing our design on scalability and adaptable infrastructure will allow Long Bridge to respond to emerging trends and future growth without significant capital investment or disruption, ensuring it will remain relevant, efficient, and financially viable over its operational lifespan.

With impressive views of the Potomac River and Crystal City and proximity to a waterfowl sanctuary, the park attracts bikers, walkers, and bird watchers. (Yes, the Center’s exterior glazing uses a bird-friendly frit that makes glass areas more visible to and safer for avian wildlife.)

We’re proud to have contributed to this beautiful enhancement to the Arlington County community on behalf of our client, the Arlington County Government Department of Parks and Recreation, and in collaboration with our design-build partners Coakley & Williams Construction (CWC) and MJMA Architecture & Design.