The Tradewell Fellowship

Think Big, Take Risks, Challenge the Status Quo
Empowering Diverse Minds in Healthcare Research and Design

Page’s Tradewell Fellowship is a one-year program in front-end Healthcare Planning and Design in one of our participating healthcare offices. The Fellow will benefit from:

  • Accelerated immersive participation in the healthcare design practice
  • Exposure to the healthcare industry, our clients, consultants, and partners
  • Opportunities to explore healthcare design research questions in their area of interest
  • Attendance at a relevant conference of choice related to healthcare planning, design, and construction
  • Support and training offered by one year of employment at Page
  • Joining a dynamic, nurturing network of distinguished former Tradewell Fellows

As a Tradewell Fellow, you will have the unique opportunity to:

  • Work alongside senior healthcare planners and designers on a variety of healthcare projects, ranging from initial master planning efforts to design
  • Create a body of work suitable for presentation and/or publication by the end of the year
  • Build lasting connections in the field and enhance your career prospects
  • Become a thought leader within the healthcare planning & design community

Apply Now

Check back this fall for information on applying to the 2025-2026 Tradewell Fellowship.

Questions? Review the FAQs or send an email to

The Tradewell Fellowship offers me the unique opportunity to pursue my passion for designing healthcare spaces that improve the wellbeing of its users and allows me to join a rich history of fellows committed to mentoring and collaborating with others.

Ruben Zarate Jr. Tradewell Fellow

The Tradewell Fellowship presents an exceptional opportunity for me to engage with leading professionals in the healthcare design sector, working collectively to prioritize human well-being within architectural design. By embracing thought leadership and a commitment to design excellence, I will be able to leverage the power of ‘healing through design’ to advocate for people’s health as well as our planet’s health.

Kimia Erfani Tradewell Fellow

Tradewell Fellows

Grid featuring headshots of previous Tradewell Fellows
  • 2023 - Kimia Erfani, Ruben Zarate Jr.
    2022 - Ali Momen-Heravi, Sharanya Reddy
  • 2021 - Calise Gritters, Dani Kolker
  • 2020 - Jack Reed, Liyang Zhang
  • 2019 - Lam Nguyen, Mariah Gresko
  • 2018 - Wenz Tuttle
  • 2017 - Jacqueline Guerra
  • 2016 - Jessica Welch
  • 2015 - ZhouZhou Su
  • 2014 - Renee Fiala
  • 2013 - Shuo Yang
  • 2012 - Akshay Sangolli
  • 2010 - Stephanie Schwindel
  • 2009 - Kelly Thomas
  • 2008 - Diana Anderson
  • 2007 - Diane Griffin
  • 2006 - Elizabeth Schmitz
  • 2005 - Shouvik Chakraborty
  • 2004 - Hilal Ozcan
  • 2003 - Sarah (Henry) Fronick
  • 2002 - Bhargav Goswami
  • 2001 - Paula Cepparo
  • 2000 - Tushar Gupta
  • 1999 - Dera-Jill Lamontagne
  • 1998 - Lia Rodi
  • 1997 - Maurie Duderstadt Gray

Retroactive Fellows

  • Victor Lange
  • Mark Vaughan
  • Leslie Stubblefield
  • William Schlein

View the credentials and research topics of past Tradewell Fellows.


The Ideal Candidate

The ideal candidate is a dedicated professional who desires to be a lifelong learner and mentor to others in the healthcare architecture industry. The Tradewell Fellowship has produced many talented healthcare planners and designers, and this tradition is integral to Page's diverse culture. Participants are well-positioned for career advancement and leadership roles by the end of their fellowship year.

A Variety of Involvement Over the Tradewell Fellowship Year


The Tradewell Fellowship embodies the intersection between practice and research.

Guidance and Inspiration

Since establishing the Fellowship, five successive curators have advanced Gary Tradewell's vision of healing environments, collaborative design, mentorship, and knowledge sharing. The curator is responsible for mentoring the fellow, coordinating project assignments, organizing Tradewell events and deadlines, and representing the Fellowship within and outside the firm. Each curator embodies the firm's commitment to excellence by guiding and inspiring tomorrow's thought leaders.

  • Kirk 2.jpgKirk Hamilton
  • Charles Cadenhead_01 BW.jpgCharles Cadenhead
  • Lia Johnson 418-1041.jpg Lia Rodi
  • Stephanie Schwindel_01 BW_0.jpgStephanie Schwindel
  • Renee FialaRenee Fiala

In addition to the guidance from the national curator, the Tradewell Fellow is supported by a local curator; the Tradewell Committee; Page healthcare planners, designers, and leaders; in-house researchers; and external advisors, including:

  • D. Kirk Hamilton, PhD, FCCM, Emeritus FAIA & FACHA, EDAC (the founder and original curator of the Tradewell Fellowship program)
  • Charles D. Cadenhead, Emeritus FAIA & FACHA, FCCM (long-time curator of the Tradewell Fellowship program). 

Join the Legacy

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Architecture For Health on PBS

Tradewell Fellows Renee Fiala, Jacqueline Guerra Armenta, and Dani Folker present "Accelerated Exposure to Healthcare Design: The Tradewell Fellowship" on PBS.

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