The Good Room Podcast

What makes a room good? Let's answer this question through interdisciplinary design conversations, featuring a compelling combination of curiosity, experience, and reflections. On the Good Room, we talk about design, from planning to the finer details and nuances that enhance our experiences and interactions within a building. Together, we discover intersections of our perspectives and challenge assumptions to reimagine program, performance, and place. 


January 2, 2024

The Good Dorm Room

Do you remember the moment when your college dorm room – or a hotel on a long vacation – started to feel like a cozy home away from home? Morgan Aven and Darrell Long explore how hotel rooms and dorm rooms create the illusion of more space, balance spaces for privacy and social interaction, and become the backdrop off some of our most pivotal life moments.

January 1, 2024

The Good Gateway

How can the design of building lobbies and airport checkpoints inform each other? Matthew Leach and Wendy Dunnam Tita explore the future of airport design, how to humanize security checkpoints, and the power of local identity, detail, and scale.

January 1, 2024

The Good Child Life Room 

How can design enhance children's healing and learning? Kimberly Stanley and Luisina Basilico consider designs that empower children and the careful balance of integrating technology.